December, 11, 2018

ONE // every momma needs a backpack! I love this structured one in a pretty blush tone, but it also comes in beige and black if that’s more her style

TWO // the sweetest, prettiest little bangle for every gal’s stack

THREE // coziest blanket of all time and TONS of colors to match your moms home

FOUR // if your mom is anything like mine she loves to entertain– this pretty pitcher is at the top of her list (can’t go wrong with anything MacKenzie Childs, honestly)

FIVE // such a great shade, a great universally flattering shape

SIX // do your momma (and yourself) a favor and buy these comfy pajamas in every single color

SEVEN // obsessed with this pretty, feminine scent! My mom loves receiving perfume and wearing it all year long until we find something new the next Christmas for her… such a fun tradition

EIGHT // the cutest mom bag of all– a place to keep all the things (cause thats what moms NEED)

NINE // this candle is so so cute and needs to be in your moms house ASAP

TEN // this ring is so good and SUPER sweet– add your birthstone to make it extra special

ELEVEN // moms liket to be active, too! Help her make those new years goals AND be stylish

TWELVE // this is such a great gift because everyone needs a cute, sturdy suitcase but no one buys them for themselves

THIRTEEN // loving these earrings right now– comes in a ton of colors

FOURTEEN // cute + cozy– perfection


ONE // like moms, dads need backpacks too!

TWO // such a good weekender– comes in several other colors

THREE // when in doubt, buy the dobb kit… I think I get my dad/brother one every single year?

FOUR // obsessed with this wallet– this is on my list for my FIL

FIVE // classic tie for the classic man on your list

SIX // I think this watch is SO sharp!

SEVEN // ditto here what I said about buying suitcases in regards to mom

EIGHT // these sunglasses are perfect for men (and the ones my dad wears)

NINE // something my dad is always using/looking for and never buys himself… he just uses the ones that come with the phone. I’m upgrading him this season!

TEN // that same classic dad that needed the tie (five) needs these knot cuff links (they also come in silver and gold)

ELEVEN // the manly mans bar set– love the wooden look of these! Such a great addition to his wet bar





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December, 10, 2018

I love gift giving– it’s the way I show my love the best (I also love getting gifts, too *duh*). The best kind of gifts, in my professional opinion, aren’t always the most expensive ones, but the most thoughtful and personal ones! A great way to put together a super unique and personal gift is a gift basket! This might show how southern I really am, but I actually have a closet with a ton of little gifts that I come across all year long that I can toss in a cute basket and come prepared to any event (around the holidays AND throughout the year). I do the same thing with cute little baskets and topper ideas I see, just start collecting and they will come together in seconds, which is so great when you’re in a pinch for a last minute gift. Here’s what you need to get your basket ready:


Now for the fun stuff…. here’s what I’d build in the boxes:


The holiday season brings on a ton of holiday events and parties! Whether its a casual gathering with friends or a fancy work party, it’s always best to come with a little something for the host/hostess. My go to? A bottle of their favorite wine in a cute, festive bag, a pretty glass and a wine stopper. It’s personal to them (their favorite bottle) and can be super affordable based on the items you add into the basket. I topped this one with a little gnome, which is also a bottle topper– perfect for this gift!

This also makes a great gift for your boss!


This is actually something I gift A LOT this time of year! I make several big batches of homemade hot cocoa, add it into glass containers and top them off with something cute then add in lots of fun things! I change up what I add into the basket based on who the gift is going to– our mail man might receive the hot cocoa mix and a package of to go cups for busy holiday mornings, your kid’s teacher could get the mix with a couple cute glass mugs, a co-worker might enjoy the cocoa mix, some marshmallows and the Baileys Almond Milk… this keeps it custom to who you are gifting this to, but the main, base gift remains the same.


This is a gift I love to give AND receive– pajamas, slippers and sheet masks! I love sharing my favorite items with y’all AND my loved ones. They don’t always read every single blog post, so I try and gift them things I’ve tired this year and loved. At the top of that list this year is THIS pajama set, THESE leopard slippers and THESE sheet masks. This makes the perfect gift for your girlfriends, sister in law, sister, aunt… or yourself (cause, TREAT YO SELF SZN).

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