November, 17, 2018

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one: digital thermostat– we got one of these for Christmas last year and I love that you can control your home’s temperature from your phone

two: portable speaker– super cute and compact, perfect for travel

three: portable speaker– this one is also great for travel, but a little more substantial in size

four: wifi outlet– perfect for controlling whatever you plug into it from your phone or Amazon Alexa

five: video doorbell– I would LOVE this! To be able to see who is at your door without going to look? How convenient and SAFE!

six: instant camera– high quality photos in a convenient, purse size camera

seven: portable phone charger– can charge up to two phones and it’s cute!

eight: smart watch– cute and connects to your phone and tracks your activity

nine: pet camera– watch your pet from home AND it shoots treats out for them

ten: portable speaker– I love the look of this speaker and think it would be perfect to leave around the living room for music

eleven: portable turntable– classic look and bluetooth compatible

twelve: passcode deadbolt– never get locked out of your house again and it makes it super easy for house guests

thirteen: smart key finder– and now you’ll never lose your keys again, life simplified

fourteen: Apple Watch dock– cute way to charge your watch on your nightstand

fifteen: 10ft sturdy charging cable– never get the dreaded bent neck on your cord again

sixteen: earbuds– cute and stylish

seventeen: alarm system– to keep easily keep your home safe


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