“A southern flare on off-duty street style!”

Hi! I’m Maddie and welcome to OTTEstyle. I was born and raised in Kentucky but have always had a big city heart. My little blog here is the perfect match between my strong southern roots and passion for street style. OTTEstyle is both style and quality driven; I typically focus on chic, everyday style paired with a timeless statement bag.


“What does OTTE mean?”

OTTE is just the middle of my maiden name, pOTTEr. Get it? I thought it was clever in the beginning, but it has actually been a handful trying to explain it and pronounce it for people! I have gotten some pretty hilarious tries at it, including: “ot-tay”, “ot-tee”, “oat”… and while I enjoy watching people try, its much simpler than that: otte – rhymes with “pot” … and “hot” … and “cot” … okay, done with nursery rhyming my name.

“What do you say to your hair dresser for your color?”

Oh gosh, the most tough question out there. You can read posts about my hair color + care HERE and my extensions HERE. But just quickly, my hair and I have a love/hate relationship – I love to do stuff to it, it ends up hating me. I’ve had really long hair my entire life, when I was younger I would accidentally sit on it all the time. My mom never let anyone cut it, only a “light trim”. So, when I was in high school it was the bleach your hair til it falls our era… and well, I pretty much did that. Anywho, I finally came to my senses and after a couple years of watching my color and avoiding heat on my hair when possible (i.e. never blow drying it) I finally got it healthy again and ventured into the color it is now. This is technically I think what you’d call “platinum balayage melt with olaplaex” even though the word platinum still sends me back to the high school days of fried ends. I think the biggest trick that I did so that the color isn’t so drastic is that I had the lighter color placed around my face still.

“What is your dog and how old is he/she?”

Ahhh my favorite thing ever is to talk about my sweet baby boy. Bowman is a full bred labrador retriever, but he’s just a nugget. We had no idea he would be such a tiny tyke but I am so thrilled with it. He’s about 41lbs soaking wet and forever my baby. Y’all we spoon all night long. If you’re in the market for a pup and nearby (he’s from a breeder in Indiana), holla at me.

“How do you curl your hair?”

I use the T3 curling wand and its been life changing. I tried a wand back in college and it was a failure, it was the kind that got smaller at the end and made me look very 80s and nothing at all like I’d hoped. I’m talking burnt finger tips, fuzzy curls… total mess. But once I found the right tool (this isn’t sponsored, promise) it was like magic. Just a disclaimer before I provide the tips, I am in NO WAY a professional – I’ve just found a method that works for my locks. I have naturally straight hair and its pretty fine, but I have a lot of it. My curls don’t stay in very well, so I curl it pretty tight in the beginning and add some touchable hairspray. I let it sit while I do my makeup or whatever and then I brush it out. I know that scares most people, but its what I do and I think it makes my curls look a little more natural and not so ringlet.

“What is your skincare regimen?”

Well I use SkinMedica face wash with my fingertips in the morning for a gentle cleanse and apply First Aid Beauty moisturizer to start my day. Every night I use an Ole Henriksen wipe to remove makeup (even if I didn’t wear makeup I use one to remove the day, ya know?), next I put the SkinMedica face wash on my Clarisonic for a little exfoliation, then I apply the First Aid Beauty sleeping cream. Every other night I use Retin-A which helps with cell turnover, its a prescription so consult a professional about usage (beware: your skin will slightly peel for the first month or so of use due to the cell turnover, but your skin will acclimate I promise and the peeling with subside… its worth it, just stick to it). Because the Retin-A makes your skin a little sensitive to the sun, I use a SkinCeuticals phyto corrective gel some nights after I’ve been outside a lot. Phew, that sounds like a lot.. swear its not.

“How tall are you?”

I think I’m about 5’3 these days.

“Where did you go to college, what did you study and were you in a sorority?”

I went to the University of Kentucky. Yes, I know I went to college in the same town I grew up in and I really tried to want to go out of state for college… But I grew up a UK fan and everywhere I visited just didn’t seem to hold up to what I was used to. I must say, if you live in the same town as an awesome university then stay; it’s a totally different experience than high school and I don’t regret it one bit. I have my B.S. in Merchandising, Apparel and Textiles. And yes, I was a TriDelt.